[FREE] Learn Adobe Photoshop: Fundamentals for Getting Started

Learn Adobe Photoshop

Learn Adobe Photoshop: Fundamentals for Getting Started


About this course

Are you ready to take your Adobe Photoshop skills to the next level? In this class, you’ll learn how to fine-tune your Photoshop skills in a variety of real-world applications.

This 90-minute unique lesson sequence goes beyond a standard tutorial. You’ll learn more than just definitions and keystrokes—Cat takes you on a journey and teaches you how to use the platform in practical, useful, and real-world ways. Plus, you’ll join Cat in creating a fun web banner that you can use across social media, online shops, and more.

All 10 lessons are packed with frameworks, tips, and demonstration. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how to work in layers (the core principle of Photoshop) and learn techniques that creatives and professionals use everyday, including:


What you’ll learn in this course

By the end, you’ll have a fun banner you can use anywhere on the web and a new skill for your creative and professional toolkit!

  • Advanced photo retouching skills
  • Advanced workflow tips and tricks for efficiency
  • A comprehensive skill set for Adobe Photoshop
  • The confidence to take your Adobe Photoshop skills to the next level

This class is for everyone: social media editors, small businesses, and designers—anyone looking to expand their visual skills! Whether you’re opening Photoshop for the first time or looking to round out your skills, you’ll gain a framework for creating and editing images that help you reach your goals.

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