[FREE] Introduction to Italian For Students

Introduction to Italian For Students

Learning languages is always engaging and worthwhile. Adding a new language to your language base is a chance for new opportunities and stimulus to develop your thinking and skills in other languages, including your own. If you are unsure what language should be your next choice, then www.bookparadisemm.com highly recommends focusing your attention on this online course of Italian, as its mastery will open to you a whole new world. It will reveal to you the secret wonders of the birthplace of European civilization, Italy, which you won’t be able to truly perceive other than through communicating with people in their language.


About this course

Many of you dream of visiting Italy to admire the breathtaking architecture of its cities, to come closer to its design and fashion, to taste its food, and to feel its romantic atmosphere. Of course, it is not very difficult to travel to Italy but to get its true flavor you need to communicate with Italians in their language. Even minimum knowledge of Italian will disclose to you new experiences.

Università per Stranieri di Siena has developed this online course of basic Italian specifically for making your start in Italian easy and interesting. It focuses on teaching the basic language needed for communicating, asking for something one needs, and comprehending the others. Employing short videos the course takes you into the realistic atmosphere of communication of Italians, in this way developing your listening and speaking skills and familiarizing you with Italian culture.


What you’ll learn

In the end of this course, you will learn

  • Expressing oneself in everyday situations,
  • Comprehending and using general expressions in Italian,
  • Handling a simple talk in Italian.


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If you are looking for a course that will not only teach you the basics of Italian but will also be fun and productive, then you should join this free course. Within the time of six weeks, you will already be talking in Italian on simple but very applicable topics, which will come in handy when you appear in an Italian-speaking environment.

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