[FREE] Every Day Excel Online Course

[FREE] Every Day Excel Online Course

Every Day Excel Online Course

Irrespective of the area of work people have to deal with large amounts of information and data. Computer program Excel seems to be created specifically to ease our burden and help us in that difficult job. In case you are one who needs this tool but doesn’t master the skills of using it or would like to brush up your knowledge, then this Everyday Excel course that www.europe.study recommends for the freshmen is the exact thing for you.


About this course

This University of Colorado Boulder designed introductory course of Excel is the beginning of a wider Specialization course consisting of three parts, doing all of which can become an interesting trip from the roots to the most elaborate level of the program. All those who are absolutely new to Excel will find it very useful as it is designed especially to serve their needs, though more skilled users of the program will definitely learn a lot of new things too.

This course will expose you to the world of Excel. You will understand its structure, learn to do editing and formatting in its worksheets, use a variety of functions, manipulate sets of data and master the efficient tools of data visualization. The material is broken into 5 modules and to pass on to the next module you will have to take a quiz and do some assignments which will reveal your understanding of the material.


What you’ll learn

On completing the course you will learn:

  • How to navigate and manipulate worksheets, including edition and formatting.
  • How to manage data in Excel.
  • How to create and apply formulas and functions.
  • How to visualize data in charts, scatter plots, Pivot Tables, etc.



Enroll right now and this free course of Excel designed to be covered in 5 weeks at your own pace will become an enjoyable experience which you will accomplish with a wealth of knowledge in Excel. Its multiple videos and reading materials are intended to provide all the required theory so that you can accomplish all the practical tasks and make sure you can apply the acquired skills in practice.


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