[FREE] Basic English : Elementary And Pre-Intermediate For Students

Basic English : Elementary And Pre-Intermediate For Students

Basic English : Elementary And Pre-Intermediate

It is an open secret that the English language has a significant impact in the world; therefore, www.bookparadisemm.com recommends joining these courses to either start learning English or improve your English skills to learn commonly used phrases and expressions in different situations of daily life. The recommended course will give the participants a chance to advance their English language skills and career.


About this course

These courses will be useful especially for refugees who are willing to develop their English language skills and are planning to learn this language for work or study.

The participants will get acquainted with the basic vocabulary of everyday use and practise online listening exercises to understand better the English conversational speech. These exercises, which cover different topics, will develop and improve the listening ability of non-English speakers and test their understanding. These conversational situations, which are extremely useful for beginners, will promote the participants’ understating skills. The English speech of native speakers, communication, and discussions that you will have with the participants of the course on simple questions will develop your language skills, build your confidence and enrich your vocabulary.


What you will learn

The course will allow the participants to introduce themselves, have everyday conversation talks with different groups of people: relatives, friends about general themes: work, family, their feelings, hobbies, preferences, describe the place, where they live and implement the vocabulary of daily tasks; shopping, etc. and of course the participants will be familiarized with the language to be prepared for Universities.

In the end of the course, you will learn

  • Master everyday conversation phrases and frequently used expressions.
  • Implement the acquired skills in everyday conversations while talking in different environments: with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Improve the fluency of speaking English and gain confidence in speaking this language.


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The online free courses last four weeks, four hours per week and have been developed by King’s College London and have been supported by UK aid. Join these courses to develop your English language proficiency level.

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